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Les chansons qu'on joue très souvent


Chanson pour piano d'Érik Satie

Arrangement pour brassband de What Cheers? Brigade


Which side are you on?

Written by Florence Reece in 1931 to support a miner's strike, this song has been recorded by everyone from Pete Seeger to Ani Difranco. This arrangement is from the Rude Mechanical Orchestra.

Sheet music from the RMO site Song history from Wikipedia


La Makhnovchtchina / Hymne à la résistance

Cette chanson parle de la Makhnovchtchina, ou armée révolutionnaire insurrectionnelle ukrainienne, qui au temps de la révolution russe a lutté sous la direction de l'anarchiste Nestor Makhno contre l'armé blanc du tsar et l'armé rouge de Lenin. Cette version vient de Tint(a)nar, nos camarades de Québec.


Smash a Bank Polka

Written by Jason & Ben, members of the Rude Mechanical Orchestra of Brooklyn, NYC.



Oh, we do a little dance in the streets you know,
it's the Smash-a-Bank polka!
Where we air-mail a brick right to their offices,
it's the Smash-a-Bank polka!
Oh we sing and we shout and we all get our bailout
while doing the Smash-a-Bank polka;
a dance for everyone, smashing banks is so much fun
we all get our bailouts today!



Shamelessly taken from the YoungBlood Brass Band:


Nous aurons

Paroles par Richard Desjardins, musique par Jean Derome et René Lussier, arrangé par Flo

Words by Richard Desjardins, music by Jean Derome and René Lussier, arranged by Flo


Wein a Ramallah

This is a traditional Palestinian song which talks about returning to the city of Ramallah. We play it in solidarity with the Palestinian people and particularly the Palestinian diaspora in our community.

Cette chanson, qui parle de retourner à la ville de Ramallah, est d'origin palestinien. On le joue en solidarité avec le peuple palestinien, especialement la diaspora palestiniene dans notre communauté.

This score is from the BLO's online song list, with an intro we heard on Youtube.


La Pinguina Innamorata

Banda Roncati is happy if you want to play the Pinguina Innamorata song!
I’ll try to explain it a bit. It was born on a workshop Banda Roncati did in the community center for autistic and other mental issues “Le Cartole”. The song was registered and it appears among others song from “Le Cartole” in the cd La Pinguina Innamorata.
The lyrics are non-sense, they are mostly sentences or words that the youth at the center used to repeat, and they where improvised from Tommaso, an autistic guy passionate with music who stayed in the center at that time.


El Barzón

El Barzón is a banda song from Mexico written in 1936 by Luis Pérez Meza. The lyrics talk about a poor farmer who is being exploited by the landowner and wants to take action.


Amara Terra Mia

Amara Terra Mia is a song about the immigrant experience, and being forced to leave one's homeland. These are the lyrics as sung by Domenico Modugno. The recording is by Titubanda from Rome, Italy. Watch them playing it here:

Sole alla valle e sole alla collina
Nelle campagne non c’è più nessuno
Addio addio amore, Io vado via
Amara terra mia, amara e bella



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