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Les chansons qu'on joue très souvent


Hey! This is my favorite song ever, and I really hope we play it for the Status for All demo in May... r

The arrangement is by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra:

There's another  arrangement brass band arrangment here if you're curious:


Rue de Panam

Par les Ogres de Barback, de leur album Rue du Temps. On a changé quelques références parisienne pour placer la chanson à Montréal.

By Les Ogres de Barback, from their album Rue du Temps. We've changed a few Parisian references to place the song in Montreal. We sing it in French but here's a rough translation for anyone who was wondering what it is we're singing about.


Montserrat Serrat

Written by Sebastian Isler, trombonist with the Hungry March Band and all-around swell guy.



The name means "time". This song is by Boban Markovic, and our arrangement is from the Brass Liberation Orchestra.


We Shall Overcome

We Shall Overcome is a protest song that became a key anthem of the US civil rights movement. The phrase derives from a gospel song, possibly a 1903 song by Rev. Charles Tindley of Philadelphia containing the repeated line "I'll overcome some day", but more likely a later gospel song containing the line "Deep in my heart, I do believe / I'll overcome some day."


A Las Barricadas

To The Barricades (A Las Barricadas) was one of the most popular songs of the Spanish anarchists during the Spanish Civil War. A las Barricadas is sung to the tune of Warszawianka 1905, a socialist song from Poland. The lyrics were written by Valeriano Orobón Fernández in 1936.



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