Hey You

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For some strange reason I can't seem to get the repeat boxes and coda signs to appear on most of the charts, so you'll have to write in those changes by hand...

Here are the instructions.

In the intro (first 8 bars) there should be a repeat box 1 on bar 8 so we jump to box 2 on bar 9 the second time around.

Same thing for the verse (bars 9 to 33) : there should be repeat box 1 over bars 26 to 29 and a jump to box 2 on bar 30 the second time around, before going into the chorus (bars 34-41).

After the bridge (bars 43-59) there should be a DS al Coda sign going back to a DS sign on bar 14. Then when when we hit bar 33 where there should be a To Coda sign, leading to the Coda which should be indicated at bar 39.

I'm still not sure if we should play the instrumental ending or all sing the last words which read: "Together we stand divided we fall."

Let's try the song and we'll see if it's worth putting more time to fix it...