We are an activist street band and organize with anarchist principles. We try to reflect this view in the structure of our band, the struggles we support and the music we play. We strive to be culturally sensitive in our choice of costumes and repertoire and are always open to discussion and to reconsidering our choices. We operate on a consensus basis and support grassroots movements, individuals' struggles, and community building. We recognize that we are fighting for social justice on stolen land. We foster an artistic space in which French, English and Franglais are all equally respected.

We support the free movement of people. We stand against all oppression and domination including but not limited to racism/white-supremacy, capitalism, classism, state and corporate violence, war, imperialism, colonialism, poverty, homophobia, gender oppression, patriarchy and ableism. We work to resist these forces and reclaim our communities by playing music in the streets, at rallies and demos, community dinners, and radical artistic events etc. We play songs of a political nature in remembrance of worldwide struggles against oppression; these songs are historical monuments to our own culture of resistance and are played to inspire our communities. We seek to reclaim public spaces, to help make political movements fun and exciting, and to celebrate resistance in a way that reflects our vision of the world we want to live in.