List B

Songs we play sometimes

Imperial March

To serenade the police!
Pour donner une sérénade aux policiers!


you move, ya lose!

this is that amazing tune cathy started at the COBP march, we 'jammed on it' and it was fun. very sousafriendly this version is by our friends in boston but the original is by the rebirth brass band of new orleans.

These parts are from the Second Line Social Aid Pleasure Society web page. CIE loves SLSAPL!


Bella Ciao

Bella Ciao is a song from the anti-fascist Italian resistance movement of World War II, which has since been sung in many languages by many different movements around the world. The tune is taken from an Italian folk melody which was sung as a work song.



Bubamara by Šaban Bajramović


lyrics here, in Rrom, Serbo-Croat, and English


Huit et demi / Eight and a half

This is the song "La Passerella di addio" by Nino Rota, from the ending scene of Fellini's film 8½.



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