Les autres chansons

Les chansons que nous avons joué, que nous avons considérées, ou que l'on pourrait utiliser pour des occasions spéciales

Hymn to Freedom

Written by Montreal-born jazz pianist Oscar Peterson in 1962, and adopted as an anthem of the 1960's civil rights movement. The lyrics were written by Harriette Hamilton.


Hey You

For some strange reason I can't seem to get the repeat boxes and coda signs to appear on most of the charts, so you'll have to write in those changes by hand...

Here are the instructions.

In the intro (first 8 bars) there should be a repeat box 1 on bar 8 so we jump to box 2 on bar 9 the second time around.

Same thing for the verse (bars 9 to 33) : there should be repeat box 1 over bars 26 to 29 and a jump to box 2 on bar 30 the second time around, before going into the chorus (bars 34-41).



This is a song from the Sacred Harp tradition, meaning that it's a very old folk song from England that was cleaned up and fitted with a religious text. But the tune is fun so I'd like to try it with the band! This arrangement is based on a version prepared by Jason of RMO.

Alternate lyrics, from RMO:

We rise by millions! Workers rise
and fill the streets with freedom sounds!
A glorious radiance fills the skies,
a sudden trembling shakes the ground.



une chanson du FRAPRU sur les habitations à loyer modique (http://www.omhm.qc.ca/habitations-loyer-modique-hlm)

sur l'aire de "que je t'aime" de johnny hallyday https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Que_je_t'aime_(chanson)

voici la version originale : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9Gqoml5Ee0


Gens du pays

Gens du pays est une chanson écrite et composée par Gilles Vigneault. Elle est par fois considérée comme l'hymne national non-officiel du Québec.

Gens du pays, written by Gilles Vigneault, has been called the unofficial national anthem of Quebec.


Doo wa ditty - Soul train

Enregistrement du Original Royal Players Brassband


Do Watcha Wanna

A Rebirth Brass Band Mardi Gras classic.



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