Les autres chansons

Les chansons que nous avons joué, que nous avons considérées, ou que l'on pourrait utiliser pour des occasions spéciales

I'll Fly Away

"I'll Fly Away" is a hymn written in 1929 by Albert E. Brumley and published in 1932 by the Hartford Music company. Brumley's writing was influenced in part by an older secular ballad. "I'll Fly Away" has been called the most recorded gospel song... It is a standard song at bluegrass jam sessions and is often performed at funerals. (Source: Wikipedia)

Paroles françaises par Daniel Lavoie :

Quand un jour je quitterai ce monde, je m'envolerai
Sans regret pour ma vie vagabonde, je m'envolerai


Feel like funkin' it up

By the Rebirth Brass Band of New Orleans.



Tiburón ("Shark") is a song by Panamanian singer Rubén Blades, written as a criticism of the intervention of imperialist powers in Latin America.

In this video, Rubén Blades explains why he wrote the song:

A recording by Willie Colon and Rubén Blades:


Le sud-ouest en a assez

Le ministère des transports nous fait la vie dure (bis)
Son projet on l’a rejeté, c’est parce qu’y’a pas d’allure (bis)
Il veux nous exproprier, y s’fout bien de notre santé
Le Sud-Ouest en a assez, vous allez l’entendre (bis)

Le ministère des transports nous fait la vie dure (bis)
Son projet on l’a rejeté, c’est parce qu’y’a pas d’allure (bis)
Fait semblant de négocier, refuse de nous écouter
Le Sud-Ouest en a assez, vous allez l’entendre (bis)



Un arrangement trois voix de Libertango, un tango de Astor Piazolla, compositeur argentin.

Vidéo de l'orginal :


Kalashnikov (Rhythms of Resistance)

this is a song our dear friend bernhardt from rhythms of resistance Europa tought us. we played it at drum sectional yesterday!! it ruled.

attached are both the song in its entirety, with breaks, as well as a recording of each of the parts separately. note that these are both "recordings" someone made on their computer using a sequencer, so that's why it sounds bad and mechanistic and ridiculously tight.

i've also attached the "sheet music."



El Cumbanchero

El Cumbanchero, by Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernández Marín, arranged for us by Cuban bandleader Gastón Allen.

Here's a recording by the legendary Tito Puente: http://www.youtube.com/v/v6fhsmVyNaw

Version des Machucambos



Version 'rock' Fanfare en Pétard


El Sinaloense

Desde Nabolato vengo
dicen que naci en el Roble
me dicen que soy arriero
por que le chiflo y se para
si les aviento el sombrero
ya veran como repara

Ay, ay, ay
ay mamá por Dios

Por Dios que borracho vengo
que me sigan los Morales
que me toquen el "Quelite"
despues el "Niño Perdido"
y por ultimo el "Torito"
pa' que vean como me pinto

Ay, ay, ay
ay mamá por Dios

*Yeah, y arriba Sinaloa, Sonora*


Too Drunk to Fuck

By Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys, arranged by Titubanda.



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