Kalashnikov (Rhythms of Resistance)

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this is a song our dear friend bernhardt from rhythms of resistance Europa tought us. we played it at drum sectional yesterday!! it ruled.

attached are both the song in its entirety, with breaks, as well as a recording of each of the parts separately. note that these are both "recordings" someone made on their computer using a sequencer, so that's why it sounds bad and mechanistic and ridiculously tight.

i've also attached the "sheet music."


celle ci est une chansons que notre cher ami bernhardt du rhythms of resistance Europa nous a apris. on l'a joué hier. c'etait bon.

en dessous voyez des enregistrements de la chansons en entiere, pis un enregistrement des parties individuelles. notez que ca sonne weird a cause qu'il etait fait par echantillonage numérique, pas une performance live.

le pdf (partitions) est aussi inclus.


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Sheet music: